LASERSCOM LLC is a team of highly qualified engineers and scientists with over 20-year experience in optoelectronic modules assembly. We are the leading experts on coupling to optical fibers. We manufacture:

  • fiber-coupled laser diode modules,
  • fiber-coupled superluminescent diode modules,
  • fiber-coupled photodiode modules.

Our lightweight and compact laser diode, SLD and photodiode modules are applied in stationary and portable optical fiber equipment in the most demanding areas such as:

  • telecom,
  • scientific research,
  • life science,
  • security,
  • aerospace industry,
  • metrology.

Our technology includes certain know-hows that results in the cutting-edge modules parameters and advantages over other manufacturers. The important advantages are:

  • high coupling efficiency,
  • optical matching, low back reflection and high dynamic range for photodiode modules,
  • superior quality at a fair price.

The unique design of our modules allows for long lifetime, optical parameters stability in wide temperature range, mechanical strength and resistance to ionizing radiation.

We are looking forward to collaboration and new ideas and always ready to improve our products in order to fit the specific needs of our customers. Try out our products and services.




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