Optical matching RM and small back-reflection R50 in photodiode modules

We manufacture photodiode modules on the basis of InGaAs PIN photodiodes and APDs (spectral range 800-1650 nm) and Si PIN photodiodes (400-1000 nm). We manufacture the photodiode modules using two special technologies: optical matching (RM) and small back-reflection (R50, R40, R30, etc.).

For optical matching (RM) the space between an optical fiber facet and photodiode chip is filled with a matching material that cancels light reflection on the optical fiber facet and increases spectral responsivity by 4-5%. The typical value of return loss for RM modules is RL=30 dB. The RM photodiode modules demonstrate small PMD and excellent signal stability,

In the photodiode modules with small back reflection, a special optics without matching material is used. These modules demonstrate large return losses RL=50 dB (RL=50 dB for R50, RL= 40 dB for R40, etc.) and the absence of back-reflected signal improves the stability of laser sources in optical fiber line.




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